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The Worlds First Compact Retractable Tow Device for Skaters.The patent pending “SKATO” compact retractable skate launching device is the first ever launch device that can clip onto and unclip from a bicycle saddle then stored onto the skater.  The “SKATO” is designed to give controlled maximum launch speed for increased performance.  “SKATO! Go Fast!”

The Components

Quality Components, Compact and Built Strong

  • Strong aluminum carabiner for easy clip on, clip off
  • Secure 1” wide double stitched nylon webbing securing carabiner
  • Heavy-duty hardened plastic retractor case
  • Self-cleaning ridding itself of sand and other debris inside retractor case
  • Rust resistant stainless steel inner spring
  • Instant snap-back retraction keeps the handle out of the bicycle spokes 
  • A 47" Kevlar cord plus arms length keeps the skater the perfect distance from the bike.  
  • Kevlar cord is rated at 220 lbs break strength, the Kevlar cord will not break due to both skater and bicycle are traveling the same direction.  
  • Quick release open finger handle let's the skater release without worry of handle getting stuck 
  • Just clip onto any bicycle seat frame cruise then let go and unclip, its that simple

Warning:  The “SKATO” is designed to be used at skate parks and on bicycle paths only.  The “SKATO” should not be used on a city street or on pedestrian paths.  The “SKATO” should be used with a bicycle only.  It is unsafe and against the law to clip the "SKATO” onto any motorized vehicle.